How we deal with your waste silicone




We collect redundant/waste cured and uncured silicone rubber products from manufacturers throughout the UK. All the material is shipped to the USA for responsible recycling and conversion into recycle-grade silicone oil.
It is the environmentally responsible solution. And by diverting your pre and post production waste streams away from landfill and incineration you are helping the planet.




When the waste silicone arrives at the recycling facility in the US it is carefully sorted and prepared ready for the initial stage of its secure destruction.
The first phase of the recycling process is the shredding of the silicone rubber material. It is cut up into 10-15mm size pieces in readiness for the conversion stage.



And now for the really clever, technical bit!
The shredded silicone is heated to high temperatures in large-scale reaction chambers, where its vapours are collected and filtered.
The extracted silicone then goes through a complex filtration and chemical refinement process producing recycle-grade silicone fluid.